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Sign a letter of support for SCLWU!

With over half of Smith College Libraries Workers United (SCLWU) members reporting that they are looking for other jobs, and while recruitment and retention are at all time lows, the College’s anti-union stance is baffling and out of alignment with Smith College’s purported mission.

We asked to be recognized: we were not. We asked that our whole unit be included in the union: so far they are not. We asked that status quo be respected while we negotiate a contract; instead, changes to the organizational structure continue apace without input from the union.

The College has threatened to withhold our yearly raises. Charges have now been filed against SCLWU because we insist that our union operate in a democratic way with full transparency and that all of our workers be recognized. Please sign the letter below and let the administration know that you support SCLWU!

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